Florida March for Black Women To Take Place September 30th #BlackWomenMatter

by Yah Yah

This weekend, several Miami-based organizations will be uniting for the annual March For Black Women. This year’s march will mark the 22nd anniversary of the Million Man March and the 20th anniversary of the Million Women March (which took place at Benjamin Franklin Park Way in Philadelphia, South Florida.)

The Florida March for Black Women centers around the stories, struggles, and resilience of Black women. These nationwide marches and protests are necessary now more than ever. With an administration that seems hellbent on further isolating and marginalizing anything and everything non-white and heterosexual, the message is loud and clear – we will not be silenced! We will be heard! Black Women Matter!

Join the Miami Workers Center and several other community organizations as we center the experiences of Trans Black women, Black women struggling to pay rent, Black girls who are “pretty for a dark-skinned girl,” Black women who are under appreciated and underpaid, undocumented immigrant Black women living in fear of deportation, Black women with children in failing schools, Black women unable to bear children, Black women with visible and unvisible disabilities, Black women survivors of violence, Black women who do not have time to cry, Black women who make a way out of no way… all Black women.

If you’re in or around Miami this Saturday, show up and support the Black women march!

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