Elementary School Teacher Raises Alarm About 5-Year-Olds Twerking And Defying Authority In Viral Video, Asks “Where Is The Parenting?”

by Gee NY

In a disturbing viral video, a young teacher has been expressing her anguish over the traumatic experiences she faces while teaching 5-year-olds ballet.

The video captures her heartfelt plea as she describes the lack of respect for authority among the children, detailing instances of disobedience, defiance, and even throwing objects at each other.

“The children today… having to teach these children has been one of the most traumatic experiences of my life,” the 22-year-old teacher laments.

She added:

“They don’t respect any authority. You ask them to stand in their designated spot, and they tell you ‘no, shut up.’ They are throwing things at each other, they are throwing things at other classmates.”

The video published by WelcomeToTheCulture on IG, not only sheds light on the challenging environment in which the teacher operates but also raises concerns about the over-sexualisation of young girls.

The teacher, who broke down in tears at some point, also claimed that “5-year-olds are twerking,” and “you play them normal ballet music they want to listen to Pound Town [by Sexxy Red]”.

Some commentators have drawn parallels to the impact of gangsta rap on a previous generation of black boys, expressing apprehension about a similar trajectory for young girls.

Others also issued a stark warning regarding the potential long-term consequences for the black community, projecting ahead to when the new generation reaches the age of 40.

The mention of prominent figures like NBA Youngboy, Kodak, and Sexyy Red having children emphasizes the influential role these artists play in shaping cultural norms.

The narrative on social media further takes a critical stance on those who dismiss concerns about the impact of explicit music, linking it to the observed behavior in the classroom.

There has been a call for change in 2024, as some commentators suggest that there is a need for a significant shift in societal perspectives and cultural influences.

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