Fort Hood Responds to Sgt. Jewel Scott’s Allegations She Was ‘Arrested and Tormented’ on Base

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Fort Hood has issued a statement following Sgt. Jewel Scott’s allegations that she has been “arrested and tormented,” at the military facility.

She also claimed that she was in fear for her life.

“We are aware of the allegations and concerns raised by Sgt. Jewel Scott,” the statement shared to Facebook reads. “We take all allegations of misconduct seriously and commanders will investigate and take action as appropriate. Sgt. Scott is safe and in the care of her unit leadership.”

“Our Soldiers can always bring up concerns to their leadership, who will take appropriate action commensurate with Army Standards and values,” the statement concludes.

On social media, Scott responded, refuting Fort Hood’s claims.

“THIS IS A LIE! I am NOT in the “CARE” of my LEADERSHIP. The last time I have spoken to my leadership was when they had me illegally arrested by undercovers, and taken to the hospital,” she wrote.

“The hospital discharged me soon after, as it is very obvious to everyone (even the social workers) whats truly going on! My leadership begged them to keep me there after repeatedly being told no by medical professionals.”

Scott says they have not taken a “single step” to ensure her safety, adding that she has been trying to fight the “corrupt system” for close to a year.

Scott claims she has been given 10 days to transition to civilian life. She has since set up a GoFundMe account to raise funds.

“Hey, my name is Jewel Scott, I am a Sergeant in the U.S Army, stationed here at Fort Hood. While stationed here, I have witnessed awful. For months I have tried to bring awareness to these things in which Fort Hood continues to cover up and neglect,” the description reads. “Once they were made aware that I have been working with news stations. I quickly became a target and person they they needed to hush. In their efforts to do so, on May 19th, they informed me that I will be discharged from the military in 10 days. I now have 9 days to transition to the civilian sector without the proper allotted time to establish stability and without any benefits. Please help me reach my financial goal to make this devastating transition a little smoother.”

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