Loving Mom Decided To Sell Biscuits To Fund Daughter’s Dream Of Becoming A Pilot, And She Succeeded!

by Gee NY

Lulu Ralehoko, a dedicated mother from South Africa, won the hearts of many for her entrepreneurial spirit when she launched a biscuit-selling business to support her daughter, Tshepang, in pursuing her dream of becoming an airline pilot.

Lulu, along with her sister, in 2019 started selling hundreds of buckets of fresh biscuits and scones to raise funds amounting to 100,000 South African Rand (approximately $6,800 U.S. dollars).

Tshepang, now 28, started undergoing flight lessons at the Blue Chip Flight School in Pretoria.

However, she required additional financial support to attain both her private pilot’s license and subsequent commercial pilot’s license. A fundraising initiative was set up and it received widespread support from family, friends, and even strangers worldwide.

The campaign gained viral momentum through Tshepang’s aunt’s Facebook page, with orders pouring in continuously via WhatsApp.

Expressing her aspirations, Tshepang emphasized her broader goal of inspiring more African and female pilots to join the aviation industry.

“I’m not doing this just for myself. I’m trying to create the drive to fund other people in the future that are also black and female,” she shared with News 24.

Tshepang’s passion for aviation is evident, profoundly impacting those around her.

“She is so passionate. You should see her eyes when she talks about aviation; She just changes,” noted her aunt, Doris Temba.

The heartwarming story of a mother’s entrepreneurial endeavor to support her daughter’s dreams has not only captivated local communities but has also become an inspiration for individuals globally, fostering a sense of collective encouragement for aspiring pilots, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

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