Six-Year-Old Lily Adeleye Becomes The Youngest CEO With Products At Target

by Gee NY

In a remarkable feat, six-year-old Lily Adeleye has achieved the extraordinary title of the youngest CEO to have her products featured at Target.

Lily, who is making waves in the business world, is the brains behind Lily Frilly, a vibrant and stylish girls’ fashion brand that offers an array of items, including dresses, hair bows, lunch boxes, and backpacks. Notably, her accessories line is now available at the major retailer.

“I own my own company,” Lily proudly shared, disclosing she is passionate about entrepreneurship.

Her business acumen and determination set her apart and make her a young trailblazer in the industry.

Lily’s inspiration and mentor in the business world come from her mother, Courtney Adeleye, the visionary founder of the Black haircare line, The Mane Choice.

Courtney, a successful mompreneur, paved the way for Lily’s entrepreneurial spirit, creating an environment that encouraged her daughter to explore her passions from a young age.

“From the time Lily was 3, I knew then she had a business mindset,” Courtney Adeleye revealed. “At an early age, as she watched me build a successful business from the ground up, it exposed her to many possibilities and goals, so with that, we didn’t wait until she was an adult to help her pursue them.”

Despite her young age, Lily is diligently working on her latest ventures, showcasing a commitment to her brand and the world of business.

However, she still cherishes the simple joys of childhood, such as indulging in Saturday morning cartoons.

The Adeleye duo has made history as the first mother-daughter team to grace the shelves of one of the world’s largest retail stores.

Lily’s mom expressed her disbelief at the groundbreaking achievement, stating:

“Being the first mother-daughter duo to hit shelves in one of the largest retail stores in the world is still surreal to us. It’s history. It’s life-changing and it should definitely be celebrated.”

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