Kelly Price Issues Final Statement As She Returns to ‘Solace and Silence’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Singer Kelly Price has issued a statement thanking her fans for their support.

The star trended on social media last week after her family and the local police confirmed that she had been reported missing. Price was in the hospital after testing positive for Covid-19. Her symptoms so severe, she was even admitted to the ICU.

But after leaving the hospital, her family claimed they had heard nothing from the star and began to worry about her whereabouts. After music speculation, Price finally sat down with TMZ.

“At some point, they lost me,” she said. “I woke up some days later, a couple days later, and the first thing I remember is the team of doctors standing around me and asking me if I knew what year it was.”

When asked to clarify what she meant when she said “lost,” Price said, “I died.”

She said she received her first negative Covid test about a week ago but that she needs time to heal fully before she takes to the stage again. “I feel like the only way I can focus on me is to actually focus on me,” she said. Her supporters were also surprised to learn that the singer was also secretly wed. She did not reveal any details of her marriage to the outlet.

Before going on another social media hiatus, Price was sure to leave her fans know that all is well — avoiding another media storm.

“Thank you for your love, concern and prayers,” she wrote on Instagram. “I truly appreciate them and all Of you who sincerely did them. They are not lost on me. I promise. I’m going back into solace and silence Where I can put first things first and that is to be restored to be healthy and to be whole. [paying hand emojis, red heart emoji] Kelly.”

We’re happy to hear and see that Kelly Price is doing well and has successfully beaten Covid-19.

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