Triumph Trio: Stephenson Triplets Make History By Graduating Together With Nursing Degrees

by Gee NY

The Stephenson triplets, Jean, Jeanet, and Jeanice, have etched their names into history by graduating together with nursing degrees from South University in Montgomery, Alabama.

At the age of 23, the sisters have not only achieved academic success but have also created a unique legacy inspired by their mother, who is a nurse herself.

The journey for the Stephenson triplets is not just about academic accomplishments; it’s a testament to their unwavering bond and shared commitment to a family tradition.

Raised in an environment where their mom served as a guiding light in the nursing profession, the sisters found inspiration to follow in her footsteps.

As triplets, the sisters discovered the advantages of their close-knit relationship, especially in the academic realm.

“If one person doesn’t know something, you can go to the other, and maybe they’ll explain it a little better,” shared Jeanice in an interview with WSFA.

The collaborative spirit and mutual support among them have been key to their success.

The unique connection between the triplets traces back to the day they were born, and throughout their lives, they’ve shared everything – from cars and clothes to rooms and bathrooms.

Their identical looks often lead to amusing mix-ups, making it challenging for teachers and students alike to tell them apart.

Despite earning identical nursing degrees, the Stephenson triplets have individual aspirations within the field.

Jeanet sets her sights on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Jean is interested in pediatrics or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and Jeanice aims for the Emergency Room (ER).

While their career paths may diverge, the sisters dream of working together in the same hospital, showcasing their unique bond beyond the academic realm.

The Stephenson triplets’ graduation not only marks a significant achievement in their personal and academic lives but also stands as an inspiring example of familial support, shared aspirations, and the power of unity in pursuing common goals.

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