Doja Cat Serves’ Hair-Gel’ Wet T-Shirt At The 2024 Met Gala

by Grace Somes
Doja Cat || Image credit: @dojacat

Doja Cat revealed the “poetic” reason she wore chrome tears and a wet T-shirt to this year’s Met Gala

As for what Doja wore on her way to the Met Gala? She wore a towel.

For good reason, Doja Cat regularly receives invitations to the Met Gala. She is a massive star that people want to see, and she has a reputation for consistently delivering thought-provoking performances on the red carpet

Doja Cat and makeup artist Pat McGrath always make a beauty statement—and last night was no exception.

Doja left the Mark Hotel—a well-known spot to prepare for the evening—carrying a small, fuzzy white towel, a diamond necklace, and a Crown Affair hair towel. With sultry eyes painted bronze and rimmed in kohl, nude ’90s supermodel lips, and “mascara” like rivers streaming from her eyes.

For the 2024 Met Gala “The Garden of Time” dress code, the singer wore a cotton outfit artificially made to appear extremely damp, creating a see-through effect that leaves little to the imagination.

Doja posed on the sprawling Met red carpet with one arm across her chest and one arm strategically pulling up the skirt of her dress as it clung fiercely to her skin.

During her red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight, Doja clarified how her ensemble complemented the evening’s “The Garden of Time” theme.

“I just expect the unexpected when it comes to you,” the interviewer enthusiastically asked the rapper.

“I think you should. You should,” Doja Cat began. “I know that people are going to do flowers, but my flower choice is the most used flower, and it’s cotton. So I wanted to do a white T-shirt. Also, a white T-shirt is timeless, and it felt poetic to choose this.”

“And I know it wasn’t going to blend in too much. And I don’t really like to blend in. So we went with this,” Doja continued.

Doja also disclosed the trick used to make the T-shirt appear damp.

“This is all. I’m actually wet right now. I’m not supposed to give the secret, but it’s hair gel. It’s all Hair gel and smooth throughout the whole thing.”

‘No. Absolutely not. I’m performing. It’s a show tonight,” Doja Cat responded if she had another look for a post-red-carpet show.

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