Da Brat Accuses Nicci Gilbert of Exploiting Recent Kelly Price Controversy

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Da Brat took to social media to call out Brownstone singer Nicci Gilbert for using Kelly Price’s recent family drama to self-promote.

Friends, family and fans of the singer were genuinely concerned after she appeared to go dark. It was reported that she had not spoken to her sister “for months” — nor her children.

Gilbert shortly announced that she had spoken with Price. She went on to say that while she would not disclose the details of their conversation, that she would address what she had learned from the situation later that night on her show.

Da Brat was not happy about it.

“If I talk to my friends, and something is wrong, they not about to jump on social media or be trying to promote something and use my name. So, yeah, Kelly is okay, and her children know that, and that’s the bottom line,” she said.

“I spoke to Kelly, but make sure to watch my show tonight,” a voice can be heard saying.

“At the expense of somebody’s life or health?” Da Brat continued. “If she didn’t give you permission to do that, don’t motherf—king do that. You are not a friend when you do s—t like that.”

During an interview with TMZ, Price revealed that although she had been discharged from the hospital, she was still recovering after almost dying from Covid-19.

Price said she was discharged because the hospital “needed beds.” They sent her home with oxygen and at-home health aides. “I was definitely being seen,” the singer explained. “The people who could actually say something were not allowed to because of HIPAA law but I was being seen several times a week.”

Following her interview, Price revealed that she would be taking another break from the public to get herself back to full health. Only then would she be returning to the stage.

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