KO’d By Love? Swift, Wilder’s Fiancée Files Restraining Order, Citing Physical Abuse

by Grace Somes
Telli Swift and Deontay Wilder || Image credit: @telliswift @bronzebomber

Telli Swift and Deontay Wilder have been engaged for six years since getting engaged in 2018.

Deontay Wilder’s fiancée Telli Swift granted a restraining order against the boxing star amid domestic violence claims.

On Monday, June 3, a judge granted Swift’s request for a temporary restraining order, which she had filed for last week. The decision was made two days after Zhilei Zhang had defeated Wilder in the ring.

According to the order, Wilder must stay 100 yards away from Swift and their shared daughter until their court appearance on June 25.

Telli Swift first connected with Wilder in 2015, and the two became close very soon. On February 15, 2018, at their child’s gender reveal party, Wilder proposed to Swift when they found out they were expecting a daughter.

According to the allegations, Wilder allegedly spat on Swift multiple times and almost choked her by placing a pillow over her face. Additionally, Swift claimed that Wilder accessed her laptop two months ago and sent unsettling messages to her personal and professional contacts.

The 37-year-old, who has one child with Wilder, also claims that Wilder choked her at least five times in their relationship.

According to Swift, Wilder demanded to have sex with her “three times a day” and made fun of and threatened her. The 37-year-old alleges that on April 15, despite her recuperation from invasive surgery, she was kicked out of the Atlanta house she shared with Wilder.


Swift claimed that although she and their daughter had recently moved into their Los Angeles home, Wilder had been snooping on them using the home’s surveillance system. She went on to say that after losing his most recent boxing match, she was terrified Wilder would treat her violently once more when he returned to the LA house.

“I believe Deontay is capable of being physically violent towards me upon his return in June because he has expressed that he is furious with me since April and has been physically abusive with me in the past,” Swift disclosed.

Neither Deontay Wilder nor his representatives have reacted to the recent development.

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