Security Guard Who Gave Kelly Rowland Issues At Cannes Now Being Sued By Miss Europe 2023 For Harassment

by Gee NY

Remember last week when about Kelly Rowland’s unpleasant encounter with a security guard at the Cannes Film Festival made headlines?

Well, it turns out that the same guard is now being sued by Miss Europe 2023, Sawa Pontyjska, for harassment.

According to BBC News, the incident occurred during the premiere of the French film “Marcello Mio.”

Despite holding a valid ticket, Sawa Pontyjska was denied entry by the security guard. Pontyjska alleges that the guard physically harassed her, grabbing her by the neck and putting her in a “bear hug.”

The altercation was captured on camera, providing evidence of the incident.

Pontyjska accuses the security guard of “physical assault and psychological damage,” claiming that the guard’s actions harmed her reputation.

“I was trying to escape from this lock. I went down and I started to run away on the stairs because it was the way back [out],” Pontyjska explained to the BBC. “She was trying to push me inside, so nobody can see what she’s doing with me. Then she kicked me out through the back door.”

Following the incident, Pontyjska took to social media to seek legal assistance, highlighting the guard’s other viral moments, including the run-in with Kelly Rowland.

“I always dreamed of getting into the Cannes Film Festival, but then I was shocked about the rudeness and unreasonable use of physical force, which I experienced on the red carpet with other international stars,” she said in a video clip.

Pontyjska has since secured legal representation and is suing for 100,000 euros ($108,769).

The legal battle is now set to unfold, drawing further attention to the Cannes Film Festival’s security practices and the conduct of its personnel.

This lawsuit is now at the pinnacle of the growing scrutiny of the security guard, whose previous incidents are now coming under the spotlight, questioning the standards and training provided to festival staff.

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