Father Of Boy Captured Beating A Girl In Alleged Racist Attack Breaks Silence

by Gee NY

The father of the 15-year-old student involved in a violent attack on a Black girl has broken his silence, condemning his son’s actions.

In the aftermath of the headlines-grabbing incident at Shawnee Mission East High School, the boy’s father asserts that the altercation was not racially motivated as has been alleged.

Nicholas Rosaly, the father of the teenager charged with aggravated battery, spoke out about the incident captured on video that showed his son engaging in a physical altercation with the female student, Breyanna Brown.

The altercation gained widespread attention, sparking outrage, protests and demands for accountability.

“I’m upset. My son hit a girl. That’s one, but two, I was mad that he opened his mouth or anything of that sort because he should just wait and get a teacher,” Rosaly expressed in an interview with KMBC.

The video footage depicted the white student using racial slurs during the confrontation with Brown.

Despite the racial epithets used, Rosaly insists that the fight was not motivated by race. Instead, he claims his son was attempting to protect other students.

“It was heartbreaking,” said Linyka, Brown’s mother. “What mother wants to see her daughter get hit in the face by anyone, let alone a male? I was livid.”

Brown suffered injuries to her face, including a broken nose, prompting outrage and demonstrations from students calling for accountability and recognition of racism on the school campus.

The incident sparked a protest at the school. Image credit: Kansas City Star

Rosaly acknowledged the severity of the racial slurs, describing them as “ugly, hateful, mean, and disrespectful.” However, he maintains that the motivation behind the fight was not racially driven.

In response to the incident, the Rosaly family has faced threats online, leading them to consider relocating from the area.

The son, who was suspended from school, is currently placed in protective custody at a juvenile detention center and is scheduled for an upcoming court appearance.

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