Loni Love Slammed For Saying Black Women Don’t Know How To Eat Healthily

by Yah Yah
Loni Love, Amanda Seales on The Real

The Real co-host Loni Love is facing backlash from viewers after she broke down on the show, crying that Back women do not know how to eat healthily.

Love gushed about the success she had had with Weight Watchers but said that Black women who grew up in the projects had not been taught about the importance of healthy eating.

“Let me tell y’all, I did not know how to eat,” she said as she wept. “Growing up in the projects, we just had to eat what we could. I know it sounds funny, but a lot of women in the African-American community, we don’t know how to eat because we grew up that way. So I’m trying to tell y’all, thank you to WW, because we wanted to do this to help our brothers and sisters– everybody, but I see y’all. I see y’all at my comedy shows, and you’re like, ‘We need to get healthier,’ and that’s the reason we’re doing this. It’s just to make y’all aware of what’s happening in the community. You can eat and not starve and you can still lose weight. That’s the reason we’re doing this.”

As you can imagine, her words did not go down too well with the show’s Black audience.

Love was called out for speaking for the entire demographic by viewers, was dragged on Twitter for her flippant remarks.

Amanda Seales’ face really says it all in this video…

Here are some of the reactions to Love’s comments:


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