‘Married to Medicine’ Star Quad Webb Shades Toya Bush-Harris: ‘She’s a Subpar Mom’

by Shine My Crown Staff

The claws are out on “Married to Medicine: Atlanta,” and Quad Webb is not easing up her relentless dragging of co-star, Toya Harris Bush.

Quad has been coming for Toya’s pockets all season, but now, she’s coming for Toya’s parenting skills.

Quad, who has been demoted to a friend of the show this season, was annoyed that Toya said she was not being open enough about her life on the show.

And she’s not wrong.

While Quad may have a big personality, the other ladies show much more of what goes on behind closed doors than Quad did last season.

During a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Quad was asked to name something she admires about her reality tv foe. Something he often does to ease the feuding and the bickering between Bravolebrities.

Quad struggled to find anything positive to say about Toya, and that’s when she remarked on Toya’s parenting abilities.

“I think she is a subpar mom. I think that’s great…you heard what I said. If you’re saying that two children during the pandemic are hard for you to teach after being a teacher and that’s an issue for you…” Quad said.

“I think she spends a lot of money. I really don’t admire that either because I take my money to Morgan Stanley,” she continued.

Quad does not have any children of her own.

During the season, Toya also referred to Quad’s townhouse as a “bullsh*t a** apartment.”

Quad clapped back, saying that “[Toya] should be the last person talking about anyone’s house, and especially talking about mine,” and alleging that she took out a “$100,000 personal loan” to complete her home, on top of a home loan.

We hope they hash it all out soon and move along. This fallout has gone on for far too long. And they do say that laughter is the best medicine.

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