A Teacher Recorded A Phone Call With A Parent To Show How Some Parents Don’t Care To Fix Their Child’s Behavior, Listen To The Tape Here

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In a recent viral incident, a teacher took the initiative to record a phone call with a parent to shed light on the challenges teachers face when addressing students’ behavior issues.

The teacher, whose identity remains undisclosed, reached out to discuss concerns about the child’s disruptive behavior in the classroom.

During the recorded conversation, the teacher informed the parent, whose identity has also not been disclosed, that the child was refusing to sit down and continuously talking in class.

The parent, initially under the impression that the child might be sick, responded with an apparent lack of concern.


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The teacher explained the school’s behavior management system, which involves contacting parents when a student’s behavior becomes disruptive. The parent, however, seemed dismissive, expressing frustration about having to address the issue while working.

The teacher then informed the child’s mom about the importance of collaboration between parents and educators to ensure the student’s success. Despite the teacher’s attempts to foster a partnership, the parent responded defensively, accusing the teacher of trying to be “smart.”

As the conversation unfolded, the teacher repeated the specific behavioral issues, including the student’s refusal to sit down and incessant talking.

The parent, instead of offering support or discussing potential solutions, suggested that the teacher should be capable of handling the child’s behavior without parental involvement.

The viral recording has sparked a broader conversation about the challenges faced by teachers in managing student behavior and the need for effective collaboration between parents and educators.

It highlights the importance of open communication and shared responsibility in fostering a positive learning environment for students.

Below is a transcript of the conversation from a video posted by @thedjjayericapodcast on TikTok between the teacher and the parent:

Teacher: I’m calling ‘cos I am having a bit of an issue with your son today. He is not wanting to sit down in his seat and he won’t stop talking.

Mom: I thought he was sick. So y’all can’t handle it?

Teacher: Well, usually we do our behavior management system, which requires us to call the parent if the behavior is like…

Mom:…well, I’m trying to work…

Teacher: And I understand that. But I’m also trying to work. But I want us to work together to ensure the success of your scholar

Mom: You trying to get smart, okay…

Teacher: No ma’am, I’m not trying to be smart. I’m just trying to make us work together to ensure the success of your scholar.

Mom: Well, I mean, what’s he doing?

Teacher: He won’t sit down and he won’t stop talking. Therefore, he’s not able to come…

Mom: You can make him sit down.

Teacher: Well, I can’t make a child do anything. I can request it, I can ask it. But I can’t make him do it and so I want us to work together.

Mom: …y’all need to know how to handle him. I thought teachers know how to handle kids. I mean if y’all can’t handle him I don’t know what you want me to do.

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