With the major success of ‘Black Panther’, it looks like Disney is

getting in on some more Marvel projects. According to reports, the Disney Channel is working alongside with Lawrence Fishburne and Helen Sugland to produce on an animated series focused on the ‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’ comic.

Deadline announced the story of ‘Moon Girl and Dinosaur Devil’ potentially becoming a cartoon, according to the site it’s still in its early stages that it’s unknown if it will be on Disney Channel, Disney XD, or Disney Junior. What is known is that it will be based on the Marvel comic that was created by Natacha Bustos, Amy Reeder, and Brandon Montclare.

The comic follows nine-year-old Lunella Lafayette aka Moon Girl, the

smartest person on earth who has superpowers and endures many adventures with her friend Devil Dinosaur. They both can switch bodies, but the outcome of that doesn’t end up well. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur may not compare to the other characters in Marvel Universe but this comic stands on its own.