Candace Owens Launches A Scathing Attack On Disney Over New Versions Of Beloved Classics

by Gee NY

Candace Owens has unleashed a scathing critique of Disney as the entertainment giant continues to spark controversy with its “politicized” versions of beloved classics.

The debate over whether Disney should persist in remaking its iconic movies has intensified, with alterations like rebranding the seven dwarfs as “magical creatures” in Snow White’s latest adaptation.

During an interview on GB News, Candace Owens expressed her belief that Walt Disney, the company’s founder, would disapprove of its current direction.

She stated:

“Disney has adopted a woke agenda, and it’s truly regrettable.”

She added:

“Walt Disney is an individual who deserves profound respect for his accomplishments, and one can only assume he would be rolling over in his grave. As a mother, one of the most delightful aspects is seeing the world through their eyes and the enchantment of fairy tales.

“For my daughter and son, I only screen the original versions because I don’t want them to be exposed to the new, obnoxious ones. We’ve witnessed leaked conversations from Disney executives about ‘wanting to make everything gay, wanting to make everything woke.’ Why? Why must there be an agenda when it comes to children? Children don’t think like this.”

The new Snow White remake is scheduled for release in 2024, with Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot taking center stage.

Zegler will assume the role of the titular Princess and has stirred up controversy by suggesting that the original storyline is no longer suitable for modern audiences.

The revamped production is set to undergo significant alterations following Zegler’s characterization of the story’s Prince as a “stalker.”

Furthermore, Owens revealed that The Daily Wire is set to introduce its own animated remakes.

“We’ve recently launched our own children’s cartoons,” she informed GB News.

“We are even working on a reinterpretation of Snow White, featuring Brett Cooper, one of our prominent figures here.”

“We are excited about this endeavor and look forward to bringing family-friendly cartoons that won’t indoctrinate children.”

Candace Owens expressed her concern about Disney’s recent trends in remaking classic films and how Walt Disney himself might feel about it. She also criticized the leaked conversations from Disney executives and announced that The Daily Wire is launching its own children’s cartoons, including a remake of Snow White, with the aim of providing content that won’t indoctrinate children.

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