Maxine Waters Delivers Fiery Speech at Women’s Convention in Detroit | @RepMaxineWaters

by Yah Yah

Congresswoman Maxine Waters tore President Trump a new one at the inaugural Women’s Convention in Detroit last weekend. She led the keynote address as the Sojourner Truth Luncheon honoree.

“Donald Trump is the most dishonorable and despicable human being to ever serve in the office of the presidency,” she stated in her speech. “This is a man with no good values, no good intentions, and no good respect. That’s why I know we must keep fighting, and that women must lead this resistance. We cannot afford to be shut down or shut up by any man, particularly not one as indecent and deplorable as Donald Trump.”

She addressed the recent sexual harassment and assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and also against Trump. According to Newsweek, at least 11 women have accused the president of acting inappropriately. “We’re waging our own war against rape and sexual harassment,” she said. Waters declared the start of a movement against men who do not recognize women’s rights. “Keep your nasty comments away from us, keep your tricks and your lies to yourself. Keep your hands off our backs and our goddamn bodies. We’re not going to take it anymore!” she warned.

Waters also added, “This president has no respect for women.” She later led the attendees in chants of “Impeach 45,” calling for the impeachment of Trump.

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