Megan Thee Stallion Helps Pay Loyal Fan’s Funeral Costs

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion donated gave $8,155 to cover part of the funeral costs of a fan who “passed away unexpectedly.”

The rapper was made aware of the fan’s passing after a friend reached out to her on Twitter.

“Meg we lost a hottie our best friend passed away unexpectedly. They absolutely loved you, listening to ur songs was something we did every time we were together. We’re helping their family w funeral costs. We started a gofundme & are halfway there,” @selenachichis tweeted.

“How much do y’all need?” Meg responded.

A GoFundMe page was set up for Shaniah Scales, who died Thursday. The family was trying to raise $16,000 for the funeral. The family had managed to raise almost half of the funeral costs before reaching out to Megan. The Hottie’s donation helped the family to reach their goal.

Scales’ friend was overwhelmed by Meg’s generosity.

“I am crying so hard. I will ride for you until the day I die. I know our friend is up in heaven smiling so hard right now. I can’t believe this. Thank you for helping us and their family,” @selenachichis tweeted.

During her interview with GQ, the “Thot Sh*t” rapper talked about the importance of having a solid support network.

“It was weird,” she said. “I saw something that said, ‘Check on your strong friends.’ And, like, a lot of people, they don’t do that because they think, Oh, this person is just so strong, so I know they got their stuff together.… I feel like I have to be strong for everybody, and I don’t want my friends or anybody around me to feel like it’s a pressure on me, ’cause I feel like they all start freaking out.”

She says she reached out to her friends and asked, “Why didn’t you call me?” She says now they call her every five minutes.

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