Mother of Breonna Taylor Vows to Fight on Following $12 Million Settlement

by Shine My Crown Staff

Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, has vowed to continue fighting despite being awarded a $12 million settlement following the police shooting of her daughter.

“A lot of decision goes into coming into these agreements and, you know, for me, it’s thinking about making sure that I’m doing the right thing and doing the right thing by Breonna,” Palmer told CBS.

Last week, Lousiville council members delivered a vote of “no confidence” in Mayor Greg Fischer and his handling of the case. He then acknowledged that “mistakes” had been made and pledged change.

“I think it took him a while to get there,” Palmer said of the mayor’s delayed admission. “The more this story has gone on, he’s learned and saw that there were several things done wrong. And so I think today that I felt that much more than when I met with him several months back.”

Ben Crump, the Taylor family’s attorney, sat beside Taylor during the television interview. He says the fight for justice is still ongoing.

“We’re not asking for anything extraordinary. We’re asking for equal justice,” he said. “I know you just have to speak truth to power. This was a young Black woman. There are two justice systems in America. And we want to make sure that we get equal justice for Breonna Taylor, because I think it’s a precedent-setting matter.”

Crump continued: “It literally is like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, where people first started saying Black Lives Matter. How many Black womenhave you heard of in the conversation? We often hear a Black man, you know, but Black women don’t often get the same attention and recognition. So, it is personal. When I look at you, strong Black women to say, you know, we got to step up and demand that we protect our black women, that we respect our Black women, and we don’t let them marginalize our Black women.”

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