Stacey Abrams Voting Rights Doc “All In: The Fight for Democracy” on Amazon Prime

by Yah Yah

Stacey Abrams’ documentary about voter suppression “All In: The Fight For Democracy” hit Amazon Prime on Friday.

This has been in the works for some time, and in the documentary, we see Abrams go head to head with Brian Kemp in the battle for governor of Georgia in 2018. The election was marred by allegations of voter suppression by Georgians, who faced several hurdles while attempting to vote.

All In looks at some of the historical issues, “interweaving personal experiences with activism,” to exposing America’s long-standing marriage with corruption.

“Running for governor is about changing what it meant to be a leader in Georgia,” Abrams said in the film. “There is nothing more transformative than a Black woman from poverty having opportunity. It had never been done before so I thought I would take advantage of the freedom to try the things nobody else tried. We know voter turnout is the best remedy to voter suppression. We decided to after everyone who could vote.”

The documentary will also be featured during this week’s virtual March on Washington Film Festival. The festival will take place September 20-27.

There have already been attempts to suppress voters in the upcoming election. The Trump administration has worked hard to clip USPS’s wings and mailboxes removed from across the country — a move that could hinder mail-in votes.

“We have to understand that purging does not simply occur because someone has died or has moved out of the state,” Abrams told NPR earlier this month. “The use of this purging led to a disproportionate number of communities of color being disenfranchised. And many didn’t know they were purged until they showed up to vote.”

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