Which Nationality Wouldn’t You Date? | @adwoa_nicoletta ‏

by Yah Yah

During a conversation on Whatsapp with a family member from London, they sent me a video titled, What nationality wouldn’t you date from? As a former Londoner, and also as a Jamaican, I’ve grown up, heeding the warnings of others about men of certain nationalities (including my own) as well as being on the receiving end of some pretty heinous stereotypes.

In this video, Adwoa Nicoletta hits the UK streets to find out which nationalities women are less inclined to date and why? The results are hilarious. But admittedly, it did make me questions how and why these stereotypes came to be? Are all Jamaican men afraid of commitment? Are all Nigerian men liars? Are all Zimbabwean men cheaters? Of course not! So I got over myself and enjoyed this video for what it is… A humorous snippet of women answering a question many of us wouldn’t have been bold enough to answer in front of the camera.

There’s a male version on the way, so be on the lookout for part two of this controversial question!

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