‘One of the Most Brutal Murders I’ve Seen:’ Police Chief Reacts to Women Murdered At Ohio Gas Station After Leaving the Club

by Xara Aziz
Credit: WDTNTV/YouTube screenshot

It’s been an earth-shattering week for the families of Felicia Brown, 38, and Michaela Daniels, 44, after they were both pronounced dead in a double homicide at a Dayton gas station Sunday. But now loved ones of the victims may have some ease in knowing that the suspect has been captured.

Dayton police say the suspect was arrested west of the city although they are not releasing the name or identity of the suspect.

According to Dayton police Maj. Brian Johns, another suspect is still on the loose. He and his team are actively pursuing the suspect who they believe returned to the scene of the double murder and tampered with evidence.

On Sunday morning, officers responded to a call at a Shell gas station at the intersection of North Gettysburg Avenue and West Third Street. Employees there had sent a panic alarm to have officers dispatched at around 4:53am.

Upon arrival, both victims were found with bullet wounds inside a Black Suburban.

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office would later identify the two women as Brown and Daniels, both from Dayton.

“This is probably one of the most brutal murders I’ve seen in my time at Dayton PD, which is 30+ years,” Maj. Johns said at a press conference Tuesday. “The callousness was just shocking to the body and your mind.” The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office identified the victims Tuesday morning as Felicia Brown, 38, and Michaela Daniels, 44, both of Dayton.

He further detailed that it appeared there was a “disturbance” of some kind inside the vehicle where the shooting took place. Both victims were found in the front driver and passenger seats of the SUV.

The suspect, who was on the run before he was apprehended Tuesday, was described to be a man wearing all black and a purple baseball hat at the time of the shooting. According to police, he is believed to be the one who drove the women to the gas station where they were brutally slain.

Authorities also believe the women were murdered shortly after leaving a club in the Dayton area. Although police were called just before 5am, they think the shooting happened hours earlier, at around 2am.

Three other vehicles were in the gas station’s parking lot during the time the shooting took place. None of the passengers in any of the cars called police and one immediately fled the scene. Authorities are requesting that anyone who witnessed the homicides call police to provide more information.

One day after the shooting, police say employees at the gas station did not set off the silent alarm until hours after the murders.

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