Kind-Hearted 88-Year-Old Woman Honored For Three Decades Of Dedicated Service As A Foster Parent

by Gee NY

Emma Thompson, an 88-year-old African American woman hailing from Montgomery County, Maryland, has been lauded for her extraordinary commitment as a foster parent spanning over three decades.

With a nurturing spirit, Thompson has provided care for more than 30 children since the 1990s, offering them a loving home and support when they needed it most.

Now, after years of selflessly dedicating herself to this noble cause, Thompson is preparing to retire.

In a heartfelt ceremony marking the culmination of Foster Parent Appreciation Month, County Executive Marc Elrich paid tribute to Thompson’s unwavering dedication.

Gathered at the event were many of the foster children whose lives she touched, a testament to the profound impact she has had.

Elrich spoke of Thompson’s incredible generosity and the remarkable achievements of those who grew up under her care, from college graduates to successful professionals and athletes.

Despite being a mother to two biological children, Thompson opened her heart and home to countless others in need. Her compassion knows no bounds, as evidenced by her formal adoption of two of the children she fostered.

Now, with one child still under her care until high school graduation, Thompson looks forward to a well-deserved retirement.

Recognizing her immeasurable contribution to the community and the countless lives she has positively influenced, Thompson was honored with a certificate of appreciation.

Elrich commended her quiet yet profound impact, acknowledging the significant difference she has made in the lives of numerous children in need.

Thompson’s legacy of love and compassion will continue to inspire and uplift those around her for years to come.

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