Meet Brooke Coleman: Single Mother Who Once Was Homeless Now Owns Ohio Restaurant

by Gee NY

Five years ago, Brooke Coleman faced homelessness while navigating single motherhood during her pregnancy. Despite her challenges, she held onto her dream with unyielding determination.

Last year, Coleman’s dream materialized as she proudly launched Stuffed Enuff, her restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, earning accolades from satisfied customers.

In an interview with local media, Coleman recounted her journey, recalling a pivotal moment when she resolved to change her life.

“I was going through a struggle,” she revealed. “One night, I looked at my family and decided I would never be in that situation again. If I worked hard, I would never have to return to that shelter.”

With determination fueling her, Coleman enrolled in Sinclair Community College’s culinary arts program. Equipped with skills and training, she embarked on her culinary career with a small catering operation, earning the moniker “Chef B.”

As her culinary reputation flourished, Coleman seized the opportunity to realize her dream by opening Stuffed Enuff. The restaurant’s name reflects its menu, featuring a range of dishes that can be stuffed with various ingredients, from meats and rolls to customizable burgers.

Stuffed Enuff also offers a selection of chicken wings with eight tempting dips and treats patrons to a Soul Food menu every Sunday, available for buffet-style dining or take-out.

Looking ahead, Coleman envisions Stuffed Enuff as a culinary destination offering something distinct from other restaurants. “I knew I wanted to do something different from what any other restaurant was doing,” she explained, underscoring her commitment to innovation and culinary excellence.

Brooke Coleman’s journey from homelessness to entrepreneurship is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of perseverance.

Through Stuffed Enuff, she not only fulfills her dreams but also inspires others to pursue their passions against all odds.

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