Remy Ma’s Video To “Melanin Magic” Is Finally Here!

by Yah Yah

Three weeks after the arrival of the single, Remy Ma releases the video for the song “Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown) which features R&B superstar, Chris Brown.
The song is an ode to Black Beauty in its various shades. The video drops just in time for Valentine’s Day and we love it!

Earlier today, Remy Ma shared a touching note to her fans about the motivation behind the song.

To All My Beautiful Fans,

Did you look in the mirror today and recognize your beauty and your worth? I know it’s hard when people judge you based off your skin tone. I wanted to make “Melanin Magic” to remind you that you are black art. I see you, and I see past the outside, your beautiful heart is worth love and appreciation. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t enough. You are smart and incredibly important. Be proud of your natural look and celebrate your hypnotizing beauty. Let your melanin skin shine bright! We all come from different sides of the spectrum, but whether you are dark, light, or right in the middle, never forget how gorgeous you are both inside and out. 

I know firsthand how it is to be judged for almost everything you do, so to my black women, I want you to know that you are valued in a world that sometimes takes us for granted. You are confident. You are fierce. You have a fire in you that can never be extinguished. You are made in God’s perfect image. Your melanin makes you exactly who you are and your black is so magical!


Remy Ma

We ARE magical! Check out the video below.

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