Sarah Simpkins: 101-Year-Old Woman On Track To Obtain A College Degree Alongside Her Granddaughter In 2024

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This is an inspiring tale of determination and lifelong learning! 101-year-old Sarah Simpkins is on track to obtain a college degree alongside her granddaughter at Brightpoint Community College in Chester, VA.

Enrolled in an early childhood education program, Simpkins’ remarkable journey is made possible through Virginia’s Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974, a program that allows senior citizens to pursue higher education at no cost, as reported by WTOK News and Virginia Western.

Simpkins, who left school over eight decades ago after becoming pregnant, went on to raise 12 children but never abandoned her dream of continuing her education.

“I wanted to do that just to prove to me that I can do it,” Simpkins expressed to the outlet.

Dedicating her Tuesdays and Thursdays to in-person art classes, Simpkins indulges in her personal favorite among student activities. Despite the challenges, she effortlessly navigates her standard coursework, stating:

“When I go to do the homework, that’s easy. Piece of cake.”

Adding to the heartwarming narrative, Simpkins is joined in her academic pursuits by her granddaughter, Halimah Shepherd-Crawford, who is also a student at the community college.

Simpkins moved from New York to Virginia at the age of 96 to live with her granddaughter.

Describing her grandmother, Shepherd-Crawford shared:

“My grandmother’s just an inspiration.”

Halimah Shepherd-Crawford is Simpkin’s granddaughter

In May 2024, the duo is set to earn their degrees, marking a significant achievement for both generations. Shepherd-Crawford emphasized the uniqueness of their shared journey, stating:

“It’s special because we both will finish together, and we’ll both walk across the stage together. It made us work harder. And that was our motivation. We’re gonna do this together. We’re gonna finish together.”

Simpkins, who finished her first semester at Brightpoint Community College with a remarkable 3.5 GPA, attributes her long life to maintaining a positive spirit and living in the moment.

“You know what, I never plan that far ahead,” Simpkins remarked, encapsulating the essence of her resilient spirit and commitment to embracing every moment of life.

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