Lion Babe Drop “Honey Dew” Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

by Yah Yah

New York duo Lion Babe release their new single “Honey Dew” just in time for the lovers – it is Valentine’s Day after all!

The single marks their first offering of 2018. “Honey Dew” is a sultry, percussion led track boasting delicate, rolling piano keys as Jillian’s sugar-sweet vocals drip all over instrumental. The new song is about both love and optimism. Sometimes the beauty of it all is in the waiting and then when you do have it, there lies your long-awaited blessing. So whether you’re in a relationship or on your lonesome this Valentine’s Day hope is truly alive and well as she sings:

“I’m working with time/ Watching my mind open/ To the blessings I find/ Everybody hoping that/ The lesson behind them/Will got it working on them…”

“We are both passionate and patient with each other,” Hervey told Albumism last year. “We both were really learning about song structure and how to make that work.” She adds,“You’ve got to be honest about everything. It will go a long way. We’re respectful, and we trust each other. I want him to do the best work he wants to do and can do. I want to push him, and he wants to push me.” 

Stream the track in full below.

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