Summer Walker Receives Lavish Gift From 4Batz At TwoGether Land Festival: ‘I Just Wanna Thank You’

by Gee NY

During her performance at the TwoGether Land festival in Dallas, TX, Summer Walker received a delightful surprise from fellow artist 4Batz.

The R&B sensation had invited him as a special guest on stage, and in return, he presented her with a luxurious Louis Vuitton bag as a token of appreciation.

Expressing his gratitude, 4Batz hugged Walker on stage and said:

“I just wanna thank you for bringing me out and I have a little gift for you.”

The wholesome gesture was met with cheers from the audience, capturing the heartwarming moment between the two artists.

Graciously accepting the gift, Walker exclaimed:

“Thank you so much! He’s so nice, y’all. He’s always doing it for the girls,” highlighting the supportive nature of their collaboration.

The exchange was captured on video, showcasing the genuine camaraderie between Walker and 4Batz, and the extravagant Louis Vuitton bag added an extra touch of glamour to the occasion.

This heartening gesture comes amidst recent buzz surrounding 4Batz’s interactions with other prominent figures in the music industry.

Earlier this month, he playfully engaged with Kendrick Lamar on social media, jokingly requesting a brief respite from the rapper’s attention-grabbing antics to allow his own project to shine.

Despite speculations about potential rifts, 4Batz clarified that there are no issues between him and Drake, with whom he has been associated through the OVO Sound label.

Asserting his success with pride, he emphasized the global acclaim of his recent mixtape, reinforcing his thriving presence in the music scene.

As Summer Walker continues to captivate audiences with her soulful performances and collaborations, 4Batz’s gesture serves as a testament to the mutual respect and camaraderie within the music community.

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