‘RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant Distances Herself From Candiace Dillard: ‘I Will No Longer Be Defending Her Mouth’

by Shine My Crown Staff
YouTube via BRAVO

“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant doesn’t shy away from expressing her opinions, but she recently shared that she feels Candiace Dillard’s mouth is too much for her.

“Yeah, her mouth is horrible. And I have defended her in the past. But you know what, she’s very educated,” Gizelle said. “She’s able to defend herself. I will no longer be defending her mouth. She’s got it on her own.”

Gizelle was also asked to respond to Dr. Wendy Osefo’s claims she is insecure.

“Wendy said that? So the woman that has gotten her whole body redone. She got her face done, booty done, but I’m insecure? She needs to get them feet done. They’re real crusty, okay? Maybe she’ll be happier.”

Candiace has been criticized online for trash-talking Mia Thornton’s mother several times on the show. Mia’s mother is a recovering addict. According to Candiace, her husband thinks that the ladies target her on the show.

“Chris gets so upset with me because he feels like a lot of the girls use my emotional state to make good TV,” she told Daily Pop. “The gift and the curse of being Candiace is I am always going to come to the table authentically Candiace. Good, bad, or indifferent.”

Candiace admits that throwing salad at Mia may have been a step too far:

“Would I do it again? No. I probably would have stopped at when we got to the kitchen, and she was talking to Ashley literally behind my back…she was asking for that moment. And once again my husband is right, these women like to use what they know is a sure-fire thing, I’m going to be emotional, to make TV.”

However, Candiace says she’s ready for the ladies if they continue to target her.

“I’m not son-able, don’t come for me, don’t play me. And if you try to play me, like I said, I’m always home. You can come to the door and get what you’ve come to get. Amen.”

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