Jennifer Lopez on Love Scenes With Wesley Snipes: ‘I Felt Violated’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Jennifer Lopez starred in the 1995 action-comedy flick “Money Train” alongside Hollywood actors Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.

In the movie, Lopez’s character falls in love with Wesley’s Officer John Robinson. However, Lopez says Snipes’ conduct was less than flattering in a resurfaced interview with Movieline.

“He was a big star at that time, with a lot of clout, and I was just starting out,” she said of Snipes. “It was my big break. And he really pressured me. He told me if the scene wasn’t hot enough, my part would end up on the cutting room floor. And that it would be bad for my career, like I’d get a reputation as difficult to work with.”

Lopez went into further detail: “So we did it, and it was horrible. We were both completely naked, with nothing between us except a sock on his boner! I was so naïve then. Now I would have pillows and covers and whatever to prevent contact, but I didn’t know any better,” she continued. “So here’s this famous actor, basically humping my leg and pawing away at my breasts and kissing them. It was awful. I felt violated. I swore I’d never work with him again. He’s not done too well lately anyway…so maybe that’s karma!”

Snipes responded to the publication shortly after. He disputed her version of events:

“What happened was, she had never done a love scene before. She was absolutely terrified. I was given instructions from the director to make her feel good. That was my job… I tried to make her comfortable – took her to dinner, talked. I knew people would look at the screen and say either, ‘They have chemistry,’ or, ‘They don’t.’ I told her, if she took my advice we’d do a wonderful, erotic scene,” he said. “And if it wasn’t a good love scene, they’d edit around her and throw it on the floor. And that’s exactly what happened. She tried to make it seem like I was using the craft just to get into her pants, and that really offended me. That’s why I didn’t say nothin’ to her.”

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