Shannon Sharpe Apologizes To Megan Thee Stallion For Sexualizing Her

by Grace Somes
Shannon Sharpe and Megan Thee Stallion || Image credit: @shannonsharpe84

Shannon Sharpe’s latest podcast episode began with a face-to-face apology to Megan Thee Stallion.

Shannon Sharpe just did something unusual: he admitted and accepted his mistake in public.

The former 56-year-old NFL star said he “told a joke” last year about what he would do to 29-year-old Megan sexually.

Shannon discussed having sexual relations with Megan on an episode of his and Chad Ochocinco’s podcast ‘Nightcap’ in November 2023. When Ochocinco inquired about Megan, Sharpe made several inappropriate comments about her appearance and what would happen during a sexual encounter.

He said he’d have her “stretched out like a quarter to three” if given the chance.
Shannon continued with the subject, “I’ll do it to her three ways, Ocho, deep, hard, and continuously.”

Sharpe received a lot of backlash for his comments at the time, and he even issued an apology shortly afterward.

During the ‘Club Shay Shay’ episode with Megan, Shannon revealed that he “always wanted to sit down” with her to discuss his comment. He explained that he made a joke “in jest.” Nonetheless, he acknowledged that his words were inappropriate.

“I told a joke. I said it in jest, but I believe it would have been just as funny if I had left you out of it,” Sharpe told her. “For any unwanted attention, harm, shame, embarrassment that I caused you or your family, I wanna say as a man, as I sit here before you, I apologize.”

Megan, who was clearly touched by the gesture, held her hands over her heart. With a smile, she replied, “I appreciate that, thank you,” accepting his apology.

Shannon went on to say, “You’ve been amazing, and you have an amazing career ahead of you,” before they buried the hatchet by toasting the occasion with a shot of cognac.

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