Meet Sarah Omolewu: She’s Empowering Women Entrepreneurs To Thrive Globally Through Access Abu Dhabi

by Gee NY

Sarah Omolewu has emerged as a pivotal figure in the world of global entrepreneurship, championing women-owned businesses’ entry into international markets.

The astute businesswoman does this with her many visionary initiatives, particularly through the Access Abu Dhabi program.

From humble beginnings in Atlanta’s entertainment scene, Omolewu’s journey to becoming a leading entrepreneur in the UAE is marked by groundbreaking achievements.

As the founder of Maven Marketing & Events and Maven Global Access, she has orchestrated the successful establishment of numerous brands in the competitive UAE market over the past decade.

Her strategic prowess and innovative approach have earned her recognition as one of the UAE’s top 100 influential figures, underscoring her impact on regional marketing and brand amplification through celebrity partnerships.

At the heart of her entrepreneurial mission lies Access Abu Dhabi, an initiative she co-founded and advises under the auspices of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office.

This pioneering program serves as a catalyst for women and minority-owned enterprises seeking to expand their global footprint by facilitating their entry into Abu Dhabi’s burgeoning business ecosystem.

Alongside esteemed counterparts like Kevin O’Leary and Eric Janowak, Omolewu leads efforts to empower diverse entrepreneurs, providing them with unprecedented opportunities in the Middle East and beyond.

“After the Black Lives Matter protests, I was compelled to translate advocacy into action,” Omolewu tells Forbes. “Access Abu Dhabi aims to empower minority and women-owned businesses globally, ensuring they have equitable access to international markets and opportunities.”

Omolewu’s impact extends beyond business acumen; it encompasses cultural diplomacy and representation.

“There’s a nuanced perception of Black identity in the Middle East,” she reflects. “My journey from the U.S. to Dubai required navigating and challenging stereotypes, highlighting the multifaceted experiences of Black women in global business.”

Her entrepreneurial spirit and innovative vision have not only reshaped marketing landscapes but also revolutionized event management in the UAE.

From pioneering the Dubai iteration of the NBA All-Star Weekend, which ultimately morphed into the Kobe Bryant Health and Wellness Weekend, to organizing prestigious red carpet events with global icons like Will Smith, Omolewu has consistently elevated Dubai’s cultural and entertainment profile.

Amidst global challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, Omolewu remained steadfast in her commitment, launching Maven Global Access and expanding Access Abu Dhabi to empower more entrepreneurs during times of uncertainty.

As she continues to forge new pathways for women in business, Omolewu emphasizes strategic clarity and resilience as essential tools for navigating global markets.

Her advice resonates deeply with aspiring entrepreneurs: “Understand the problem you’re solving, stay true to your purpose, and seize opportunities that align with your vision.”

Sarah Omolewu’s transformative journey from Atlanta to Abu Dhabi exemplifies the power of resilience, innovation, and cultural diplomacy in driving global entrepreneurship forward.

Her story inspires and paves the way for future generations of women leaders breaking barriers worldwide.

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