Cori Bush Releases Campaign Ad Sharing Personal Experience Of Teenage Abortion: ‘It Was Devastating’

by Gee NY
Credit: Greg Nash

Representative Cori Bush of Missouri has launched a new campaign advertisement where she openly discusses her experience of being sexually assaulted as a teenager and undergoing an abortion, amidst a challenging primary race.

The ad comes at a time when Bush, a prominent member of the Squad, faces strong competition in the Democratic primary from county prosecutor Wesley Bell.

It follows significant efforts by pro-Israel groups to oppose Bush’s stance on issues like the Gaza ceasefire, similar to recent successful efforts against Jamaal Bowman in New York.

Reflecting on the recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson that overturned Roe v. Wade, Bush emotionally recounted her personal trauma.

“At 17, I was assaulted and had an abortion,” she revealed in the ad. “It was devastating. I felt that devastation again 30 years later, when Republican extremists overturned Roe.”

Highlighting her legislative efforts and advocacy for reproductive rights, Bush emphasized her commitment to defending access to abortion care and collaborating with President Biden on protective measures.

In contrast, the advertisement also scrutinized Bell’s record, citing a HuffPost report alleging his involvement in managing the campaign of an anti-abortion Republican candidate. Bush criticized Bell’s affiliations with anti-abortion Republicans, contrasting it with her own pro-choice stance.

The campaign ad by Bush coincides with significant spending by outside groups, notably the United Democracy Project super PAC, which has allocated substantial resources in Missouri’s 1st district Democratic primary.

The ad campaign aims to underscore Bell’s stance on abortion rights.

Since her victory over longtime Congressman William Lacy Clay Jr. in 2020, Cori Bush has emerged as a leading progressive voice in Congress, alongside other members of the Squad.

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