ShineMyCrown Spotlight: Meet 15-year-old Trinity Simone, CEO of Black Vibe Tribe

by Yah Yah

Being a teenager can be tough, especially this day in time with the heavy usage of social media along the rise of social media challenges and cyberbullying. But one teenage girl isn’t letting the effects of social media bring her down. 

Trinity Simone, a 15-year-old activist, actress, and entrepreneur is out here making money moves. Simone launched an innovated clothing brand titled Black Vibe Tribe, that aims to “connect, love, uplift, and build our black community through… products that also serve as conversation starters.”

As a genuine work of love, Black Vibe Tribe turns out to be the go-to force for upliftment, love, and the rebuilding of black people and people of the African diaspora. Often black bodies are targeted for discrimination so it’s amazing that the brand creates ideas and concepts to add to clothes, coffee mugs, home decor, and other items that people can purchase with bold and meaningful statements on them that reaffirm the undeniable beauty and strength blackness encompasses.

When asked what inspired her to launch her brand she explained “I grew up in a household that was jamming ‘African Queen’ by 2Face on a daily, with some ‘Buffalo Soldier’ Bob Marley jams being thrown in there,” Simone explains. “When I was 6 years old, it was Darfur rallies on Saturdays and watching the PBS Emmett Till special on Sundays. Since day one I’ve had a pride for my community and the beautiful brown and black people who occupy it.”

You can check out her brand here.

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