ShineMyCrown Spotlight: Raw Cells Founder, Natasha James | @RawCells

by Yah Yah

Raw Cells is an organic vegan treats company based in LA, and founded by Natasha James to spread an awareness about the many benefits of a plant-based diet. The company seeks to open people’s minds about the vegan diet and lifestyle while filling up some stomachs along the way with nutrient-dense and guilt-free delicious treats.

On any given day in Los Angeles California, if you’re lucky you might come across Natasha James riding her tricycle across the city with her homemade vegan treats. James was born and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia, but when she conceived of her vision to start Raw Cells she decided to move to LA— a city whose warm weather would permit her to ride her tricycle outdoors all year-round.

James’ decision to start Raw Cells was inspired by the numerous benefits she observed in her own health once she decided to substitute her hot-cheetos and Philly cheese-steak diet for a completely vegan one. She’s driven by a mission to provide wholesome alternatives to the junk foods served by well-known establishments across the country.

James makes sure that all her treats are chock-full with nutrients and vitamins such as fiber, vitamin B12, zinc, and calcium among others. Her goal is to see to it that when you grab a bite of one of her vegan treats, you’re nourished on the cellular level. Check out Raw Cells next time you’re in LA!

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