Nicki Minaj’s Sneaker Collection Revelation Triggers 3,500% Surge in Traffic for Black-Owned Vegan Brand Løci

by Gee NY

The announcement of Nicki Minaj’s first-ever sneaker collection in collaboration with the Black-owned vegan sneaker brand Løci has caused a significant surge in traffic to the company’s website.

In the Instagram post, the rapper stated:

“This isn’t a sponsorship. I’m an owner & partner & we will be showing you the first complete collection on 4/12. Love you, BARBZ. THANK YOU.”

Following Minaj’s post, Løci experienced a staggering 3,500% increase in website traffic, leading to the website crashing.

Founded in London in 2021, Løci is committed to sustainability and cruelty-free manufacturing, using recycled plastic bottles and bio leather for its luxury sneakers.

The partnership with Minaj marks a significant milestone for the brand, with Minaj expressing her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to be an owner and partner in the venture.

The sneaker collection, set to launch on April 12, features 11 new designs curated by Minaj.

Despite the impending release, Løci has already been on a trajectory of success, having raised significant funding and secured investments from notable figures like actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In addition to its financial success, Løci prioritizes environmental conservation, donating 10% of online profits to wildlife conservation charities and implementing sustainable production practices to reduce waste.

With over 982,000 plastic bottles repurposed into premium materials for its sneakers, Løci remains committed to making a positive impact on the planet.

Minaj’s collaboration with Løci represents a fusion of fashion, sustainability, and celebrity influence, driving significant attention to the brand and its mission.

As anticipation builds for the collection’s release, Minaj and Løci are poised to make waves in the fashion industry.

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