Keyshia Ka’Oir Schools Women On How To Maintain A Great Figure After Childbirth With A Waist Eraser: ‘You Have to Close That Uterus’

by Gee NY
Image Credit: @keyshiakaoir on Instagram

Keyshia Ka’Oir, entrepreneur and wife of rapper Gucci Mane, has sparked a conversation on social media about postpartum body recovery, strongly advocating for the use of a waist eraser shortly after giving birth.

In a candid post shared online, Ka’Oir explained her approach to maintaining a snatched waist after having her babies.

“I put on that waist eraser on Day 2 or 3 and I never took it off since,” she disclosed. “Because honestly, you have to close that uterus.”

Addressing common misconceptions, Ka’Oir stressed the importance of taking proactive steps early on.

“The uterus is open and you know when you breastfeed it shrinks the uterus but the waist eraser helps to shrink it as well,” she elaborated. “You got to close the uterus up as soon as possible.”

Disputing the notion of solely relying on natural recovery, she added:

“I hear people say ‘no, you just had a baby relax.’ No! Close that uterus. Because once it takes long to close that’s how you have that bulge.”

Ka’Oir also addressed the misconception that celebrities achieve flat tummies effortlessly.

“And they always say celebrities have flat tummies after they have a baby…that’s because they band that sh*t down,” she asserted. “Put on a waist eraser, especially when you have a vaginal birth put that sh*t on the same day.”

Her candid advice has sparked discussions about postpartum body care and the pressures faced by women, particularly in the public eye, to quickly regain their pre-pregnancy figures.

Ka’Oir’s advocacy for using waist erasers postpartum has resonated with some of her followers.

On The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, many of Ka’Oir’s followers appreciated her openness and practical advice on navigating the challenges of new motherhood while prioritizing physical health and recovery.

“She ain’t saying nothing different than what your mama and grandma wrapping you after labor. It’s heavy in Caribbean Spanish, and other cultures,” one person commented.

Another person commented:

“At least she’s telling the truth. Wrap up your tummy”

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