Social Media Shocked To See ‘Church Grandma’ In Nude Illusion Dress: ‘Timer With A Jezebel Spirit’

by Grace Somes
Viral "church granny photo" || Image credit: @theneighbourhoodtalk

An image of someone’s grandmother is trending on the internet for wearing a head-turning dress from the Y/Projext x Jean Paul Gaultier collection to church.

The “scandalous” outfit, a nod to Gaultier’s trompe l’oeil designs, stood out from the fall 2022 collaborative collection. It boasted a nude optical illusion print of bare breasts, a torso, and legs.

The dress’s striking pattern and contemporary silhouette contrasted with the more conventional church clothes that are usually worn on Sundays.

The elderly woman accessorized her provocative dress with a blue wide-brimmed hat with a big tulle bow around the crown, a look frequently seen at church services or formal spring events.

Although the occasion is unknown, the fashion-forward ”granny” was captured posing with an older woman wearing a hot pink hat and a cream-colored skirt set and a dapper man wearing a suit and bowtie.

Social media users were quick to post and discuss the image, with many complimenting the grandmother for her unabashed self-expression and fearless sense of style.

The picture gained thousands of likes, shares, and comments from admirers worldwide as it quickly went viral.

Over 11.5 million people have viewed one of the original posts, shared by X user @doughickmanjr. It has received hundreds of positive comments, 4,400 retweets, and 11,000 likes.

“Granny said body-ODY-ODY-ODY 😂,” someone wrote.

“Love me an old timer with a Jezebel spirit,” someone commented.

Another peep added, “Whoever sold her this dress going straight to hell!!!!😂😂😂😂.”

Someone else wrote, “I just know them church ladies were talking so bad about her.”

“Now, y’all know granny can’t see. She’s just happy to wear the dress her grandbaby bought her… let her make it 🤭😂😂😂😂😂,” an internet user chimed in.

As the debate rages on, one thing is clear, the “church grandma” bold choice has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on social media users worldwide!

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