Georgia Mom Is Upset After Teacher Combs Out Daughter’s Locs Without Permission

by Gee NY
Mom Varlack also explained how the re-styling had caused some inflammation to her scalp, with her eventually taking Londyn to Urgent Care for a check-up. Image Credit: WTVM

A mother is expressing her outrage after her daughter’s teacher allegedly combed out her daughter’s locs without permission and braided her hair, leading to painful inflammation.

Micaela Varlack, the mother, recounted the distressing incident that occurred at Childcare Network on May 6, where she was shocked to find her daughter, Londyn, with her hair braided upon picking her up from pre-k.

In an interview with WTVM, Micaela expressed her dismay, stating:

“Why would you comb out 32 locs out of a child’s hair, to sit down and braid them, part them…”

She further revealed that when she questioned the teacher about why she hadn’t contacted her before altering her daughter’s hair, the response she received was simply, “I just didn’t.”

A hairstylist specializing in locs, Victoria Sunmola, weighed in on the matter, criticizing the teacher’s actions as excessive and disrespectful.

Sunmola said it was important to obtain parental consent before making any changes to a child’s hairstyle, particularly one as sensitive as locs.

She highlighted the potential consequences of improper removal, such as scalp irritation, which could require medical attention.

Despite Micaela’s request for a refund from the school, she claimed to have been denied. However, the school later released a statement asserting that they had offered a refund.

Additionally, they stated that it was the child who had requested her hair to be braided, contradicting Micaela’s account.

The incident has sparked debate over the boundaries of authority in educational settings and the importance of respecting cultural practices and parental consent, particularly regarding personal matters such as hairstyle choices for young children.

As the controversy unfolds, Micaela continues to seek accountability and redress for the distress caused to her daughter.

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