Summer Walker: ‘If You’ve Been Vaccinated, Please Stay Away From Me’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Singer Summer Walker has come through with another controversial take.

She says that she wants people who have been vaccinated to keep a safe distance from her.

“If u vaccinated please stay away from me [smiling emoji][thumbs up emoji],” Summer wrote via Instagram Story.

“Love & Hip Hop” star Safaree Samuels had something to say about her stance.

Those who follow Summer will know that her comments are nothing new.

Back in April, she urged people to “stay the f–k away” from coronavirus vaccines because “people are reporting bleeding, bruising, spontaneous periods and miscarriage from being in a close proximatey [sp] to a recently vaccinated person.”

Last year, she concerned fans when she offered up alternatives to baby milk and baby food.

“Y’all weird for even giving babies that processed government s–t. Throw some real fruit / veggies in a blender and give it to them. LOL revisiting cause [people] kept saying it’s too expensive,” the mother of one wrote.

When a fan responded to the singer and informed her that buying fresh fruits and vegetables all the time is simply not in everybody’s budget, she wrote:

“A pear 43 cent, Similac is 32 to 36 dollars. I don’t understand. A bowl of fruit for the child would still cost less than formula for the week. To feed the child daily $1.67, Meal 1pear 43 cent, Meal 2 apple 74 cent, Meal 3 peas 50 cent, $11.69 weekly. And they drink water so it’s cheaper. $23.38 for 2 weeks.”

The singer posted a photo with her newborn months back as well as a baby bottle alongside a packet of hemp hearts, raw honey and mushrooms. Some people were concerned about what the singer is feeding her child.

Still, it’s highly likely she is also breastfeeding.

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