Tamar Braxton Speaks on Suicide Attempt a Year On: ‘I Didn’t See How I Was Going to Come Out on the Other Side’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Tamar Braxton is a through and through survivor. Over the years, we’ve seen Tamar tackle a barrage of personal issues head-on.

Just over a year ago, the nation was gripped as Tamar lay fighting for her life in a hospital after attempting to commit suicide.

Tamar was home with her son Logan and her then-boyfriend, financial consultant David Adefeso, who found her unresponsive.

“That time of my life was so dark and so heavy,” she told PEOPLE. “I didn’t see how I was going to come out on the other side. I didn’t even know that there was another side. But I chose to change my life.”

At the time, Tamar was not able to speak to the public. Attention turned to her partner, Adefeso. Rumors of his controlling behavior circulated online, and reports that his heavy-handed ways had been caught on camera hit the blogs. Her WeTV show, “Get Ya Life” appeared to be the final straw for the reality television OG.

“After a scene, I’d watch it back, and it would be nothing like how it went down,” she says. “They started piecing words together and sentences. I just thought that wasn’t necessary — I wanted to do positive television.”

At her lowest, Tamar says she focused on her son.

“I didn’t want to continue being a disappointment for him. How can his friends’ parents respect me if this is what they see every day? I wouldn’t let my kid go over to a child’s house if this is what was portrayed on television. In my sickness, I thought that if I can take the embarrassment out of his life, maybe he would have a chance to have the best life.”

“I know now that that probably would have destroyed him, that the best life that I can set for him is to be the example, get counseling and show him how to communicate,” she says.

She now says that she is dedicated to being the best mother she can be.

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