Teen Stuns At Prom With Dress She Made Herself And Inspired By Disney Princess: ‘It’s More Than Just The Dress’

by Gee NY

Layla Hildreth, a high school senior from Irondale, Alabama, made waves at her prom by designing and creating her own dress, inspired by Disney’s Princess Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog.”

“It’s more than just the dress,” Layla shared with WDBJ7. “Princess Tiana was a big star in her moments; she was very inspirational.”

Layla admired Tiana’s relentless work ethic and unwavering pursuit of her dreams.

“The way she carried herself, the way she never gave up—I feel like the dress really shows how big of a person she is,” Layla said, reflecting on her inspiration.

Determined to follow her dreams, Layla encouraged others to do the same.

“Don’t let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do,” she advised.

After countless hours of dedication, Layla felt like a princess in her own creation, a dress that perfectly encapsulated her vision and spirit.

As she prepares to attend Georgia State University in the fall, Layla plans to continue nurturing her creative talents and pursuing her aspirations.

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