Yung Miami Says She Lied About Getting Peed On By Diddy

by Grace Somes
Yung Miami and Diddy || @diddy @yungmiami

Yung Miami clarified her Diddy’ Golden Showers’ comment, which resurfaced after a video of Diddy assaulting ex-girlfriend Cassie went viral.

Yung Miami said she “lied” about enjoying “golden showers.”

Fans probably won’t stop thinking about this relationship, regardless of whether Yung Miami is genuinely facing the consequences for the Lil Rod lawsuit, is simply promoting his engagement, or is attempting to distance himself from Diddy.

In a previous episode of Miami’s podcast “Caresha Please,” the rapper acknowledged that she does, in fact, like “golden showers.”

While interviewing Miami rap icon Trina, the two played a question game that instructed them to “take a shot if they enjoy golden showers.” Needless to say, Miami was throwing the shot back. “It just does something to me,” she explained.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Yung Miami and Diddy were dating during the episode.

Mind you, golden showers is a type of sexual pleasure that involves urinating on someone, being urinated on, and watching someone or being watched while urinating.

After the episode “Pee Diddy” trended on X. Miami reacted to the hot topics by saying, “You guys know IDGAF!”

Now, Miami is backtracking on her statement. The rapper recently tried to spend time with her fans, and she asked via X, “Do you remember why you fell in love with me?”

To which someone replied, “When I found out you loved getting pissed on..”

“I was playing!” the Florida rapper tweeted. “A n***a NEVER EVER PEE’D on me! I did that to promote my card game [dollar sign eyes and tongue face emoji] & it did exactly what I needed to do!!”

In Diddy’s tussle with the law, Yung Miami featured in Lil Rod’s lawsuit as a sex worker who received a monthly stipend to also carry drugs for him.
According to court docs, Daphne Joy and Yung Miami allegedly received a monthly fee from Diddy to serve as his sex workers.

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