South Africans Criticize Doja Cat For ‘Deadbeat’ Dad Remark, Demand Respect For All Zulu Fathers

by Grace Somes
Doja Cat and Dumisani Dlamini || Image credit: @dojacat @dumisani_Dlamini

Doja Cat has slammed her “absentee” father. Still, Dumisani Dlamini’s kinsmen ganged up against the rapper, demanding that she respect her father no matter what.

Doja Cat called her father, actor Dumisani Dlamini, a “deadbeat.”

In January, Doja Cat’s mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, took legal action, seeking a restraining order against her son, Raman Dalithando Dlamini, who is also believed to be Doja’s elder brother.

The details of the suit paint a distressing picture of alleged verbal and physical abuse within the family.

And now, Doja Cat has put her father on blast for not being a father to her.

On Monday, May 27, the Scarlet rapper took to Instagram to criticize her father, the well-known South African dancer/actor Dumisani Dlamini.

Doja Cat shared a series of pictures, one in which she appears shocked and another in which she is holding a blanket between her buttocks.

Doja called her father a “deadbeat” in her first caption, blasting him for being absent from her life and saying he would be the inspiration for her upcoming album.

“Dad, lemme know when/if you need me to re-up your makeup cabinet cuz you a bi**h,” she first wrote before editing it to, “I’m gonna turn you into my next project, and you’re gonna have to listen to it, for the rest of your godforsaken life.”

The American singer, whose real name is Zandile Dlamini, also updated her X bio, writing, “My dad’s a deadbeat, but I did well.” But she has since changed it as well.

Even after Doja deleted the harsh caption, the internet could not forget, especially South Africans from the Zulu tribe. They called her out for disrespecting her father in the comment section.

“Idc. Swearing at your parents will never be ok!!” a fan pointed out.

Another added, “This younger generation is so trauma-filled, disrespectful, and hateful toward their parents. The level of misplaced hate the younger generation has screams mental illness.”

Others also supported Doja Cat for “healing”; however, she seemed fit.

Someone added, “Sometimes, to heal your inner child, you gotta fight your father.”

“Don’t forget…'” Do not provoke your children to anger.’ Ephesians 6:4.”

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