The Coach Cass Podcast: What Is The Core Need?

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Relationship expert Coach Cass knows what it takes to build a loving, lasting relationship.

Each week, Coach Cass sits down with a guest, where they discuss different aspects of relationships and what it takes to cultivate a healthy foundation.

In her latest episode, Coach Cass sits down with Gloria Chin Quee to discuss divorce after a long-term marriage, dating your friends, vulnerability, and more.

Coach Cass says one of the things a couple can do to ensure they start their marriage on solid footing is to attend a premarital class.

“One of the biggest things that I recommend to any couple that going down the road of marriage, is to do a really good premarital class,” says Coach Cass.

“Sometimes, we do make rash decisions just based on feelings and how we feel and how he makes me feel. And we forget that… there’s some things that you really need to work through.”

“When you say spiritually, that’s a big one for me because I’m a woman of faith. I’m a Christian woman. So that’s a big deal. I don’t know where his faith lies, but taking a look at a good premarital class (one, that’s like eight, nine weeks.) You know, not just the one-time meeting with a pastor somewhere, but like a class that you meet every week and you talk about different subjects, you know, and a good premarital class.”

You can listen to more Coach Cass episodes here.

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