Oprah Winfrey Fights Back Tears As She Shares Weight-Loss Battle: ‘I Took On The Shame The World Gave To Me’

by Gee NY

In a candid and emotional discussion, media mogul Oprah Winfrey revealed her ongoing battle with weight loss and the shame associated with it, fighting back tears as she shared her journey.

During a recent TV special titled “An Oprah Special: Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution,” Winfrey spoke openly about her struggles with weight and her decision to use weight-loss medication to aid her journey.

She expressed how taking these medications helped her stop blaming herself for her body shape and internalizing decades of societal vitriol.

The 70-year-old broadcaster admitted to feeling a sense of hope after realizing that her struggles weren’t solely a result of lacking willpower but rather a complex interplay of factors involving brain chemistry and societal pressures.

She emphasized that the stigma and shame surrounding weight need to be dismantled, advocating for compassion and understanding rather than judgment.

“I have to say that I took on the shame that the world gave to me – for 25 years, making fun of my weight was national sport”, she said, before going on to show cruel headlines describing her as “fatter than ever”.

Winfrey recounted the years of public scrutiny and ridicule she endured, describing how making fun of her weight became a national pastime. Despite her immense success, she faced relentless criticism and cruel headlines mocking her appearance.

Discussing her relationship with food, Winfrey shared how she used to obsess over what she would eat, feeling trapped in a cycle of cravings and guilt. However, with the help of medication, she found a newfound sense of control and balance in her eating habits.

Throughout the program, Winfrey engaged with patients who shared their experiences with weight loss, including a teenage girl who underwent bariatric surgery and individuals who had adverse reactions to weight-loss drugs.

She also addressed her decision to step down from the board of Weight Watchers, emphasizing her commitment to transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Winfrey’s honesty and vulnerability resonated with viewers, sparking a conversation about the societal pressures surrounding weight and the need for greater understanding and empathy.

By sharing her own struggles, she hopes to empower others to confront their own battles with weight and shame, fostering a culture of acceptance and support.

The TV special serves as a platform for Winfrey to advocate for greater awareness and compassion regarding weight-related issues, urging society to move away from stigmatization and toward a more inclusive and understanding approach to health and wellness.

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