“The Color Purple” Remake’s Celie Actress Reveals She Wasn’t Invited To 81st Golden Globes Despite Stellar Performance

by Grace Somes
Phylicia Pearl Mpasi || Image credit: @phyliciapearl

After years of auditioning for Celie, Phylicia Pearl Mpasi became her in The Color Purple”, marking Mpasi’s feature film debut.

For Phylicia Pearl, “The Color Purple” wasn’t just a door to her dreams. It was destiny and a break from three years of making YouTube videos in her mother’s basement.

Unfortunately, the icing on the cake, “the Golden Globes”, did not materialize with her dream.

Taking to TikTok, the 30-year-old actress explained to her fans why they did not see her on the red carpet of the most coveted film awards in the world.

The clip started with Phylicia Pearl in a white robe and the caption, “Get ready with me for the Golden Globes” at the top of the footage.

But instead of transitioning into a dazzling awards-worthy gown, she had on a bright purple sleep onesie.

She looked right into the camera, saying, “Oh right, I wasn’t invited. But I’m wearing my purple to cheer on my Color Purple fam! Go Fantasia and Danielle!”

Phylicia Pearl also assured her fans that she would soon make them proud as more than a guest.

“And don’t worry, I will be a nominee in a few years,” she ended the video with a sassy wink.

Social media rallied under the comments section after TheNeighbourhoodTalk reposted the video on their blog.

Many sympathized with the actress whilst questioning why The Color Purple production had so many backstage shockers.

One fan wrote, “Damn that’s actually sad AF.”

“I ain’t even gon lie the movie was mid-AF. The actors did the best with what they were given, and some shined in the process. But y’all should’ve left this movie alone,” another chimed in.

A few days ago, Danielle Brooks, who played Sofie in the musical, revealed that the cast dealt with less-than-ideal working conditions until Taraji P Henson intervened and involved Oprah Winfrey.

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