The Lil’ Mo Show Podcast With Couple Swaggy Jazzy & Casanova 2x

by Yah Yah

This year, Lil’ Mo launched her very own Podcast alongside co-host and established comedian, Skeet Carter.

In general, Lil’ Mo Show-Podcast is known for being very forthright and outspoken and also no subject is off limits.

During this episode, Casanova 2x and his girlfriend and “ride or die” Swaggy Jazzy. Casanova recently hit the blogs after he allegedly made threats to Everyday Struggle host, DJ Akademiks. The loved-up couple stopped by the Lil’ Mo Show Podcast to discuss the success of the hit single “Set Trippin’,” and Jazzy breaks down what it’s like to be in love with a gangsta.

“I’ve gotta be calm. We can’t both be turnt up,” says Jazzy.  Speaking on their tumultuous relationship she says -“We first got together in 2005. We broke up. Got back together. You know? On and off.”

As individuals, both Casanova and Jazzy have rocky pasts. While quizzing the New York rapper about his stints in ail for robbery, he is quick to throw his mate under the bus too – outing her secret criminal past. But they’ve put that all behind them now and a focused on building a solid foundation as a unit.

Lil’ Mo credits the couple as being one of the hottest couples in the game and was super excited to have them on the show.

Watch the full podcast episode below.

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