These 5 Hairstyles Will Make You Look Younger (for Real)

by Danielle Bennett
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Aging isn’t always stress- and judgment-free for us women. 

We are constantly bombarded with advice and tips on how to look half our age; and while some of us (myself included) often succumb to the pressures of wanting to look as youthful as possible, I must admit, there are benefits to subscribing to some of those anti-aging rituals. 

Now don’t get me wrong; aging is a beautiful fact of life and I believe we have every right to feel amazing at any age. However, in my humble opinion, there is no need to rush it.

Our hairstyle is often a dead giveaway to our age. But, the good news is that updating it is one of the simplest and fastest ways to look refreshed. 

So, keep scrolling…ahead are five ideas that will make you feel like the best version of yourself.

1. The Facelift

Gently directing the hair upward at the front and temples (à la ponytails, top knots and half-up, half down looks) instantly gives cheekbones and eyes a gravity-defying look. Wispy, face-framing strands also soften maturing features.

2. The Filler

No matter how short or fine, your hair’s lack of volume can age you. Full, fluffed-out curls and coils with a little teasing at the crown give plumped, fresh, trendy-girl vibes.

3. The Fine Lines Fringe

Sometimes, the fastest way to shave off the years is to cut bangs. But, stay away from harsh, too-blunt versions. Soft, feathered touches conceal creases and furrows in the most flattering ways.

4. Time-Reversal Tints

Depending on your hair type, one-dimensional hair color can look severe and dated. At least two shades reflect and filter light in ways that enhance all complexions…and just might get you carded!

5. Well-Rested Waves

Perfectly cut, tousled waves can easily camouflage distressed strands.  They also distract from signs of overtiredness.

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